NCMP Firesafe Aluminium Helideck

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All tests are carried out in a controlled environment with professional fire-fighting crews



200 litres of aviation fuel are pumped into a hinged trough along one side of the 5m x 5m test deck. The fuel is set alight and allowed to burn for 5 minutes to generate maximum heat. Trays of burning fuel are placed on the deck to simulate debris.






Start of test
The burning fuel is poured onto the firesafe helideck.








As the fuel runs onto the deck, it passes through a series of openings in the surface and is passed into the explosion proof layer which quenches the flame and prevents further ignition. The aluminium structure rapidly removes any thermal hotspots.






Water Nozzle
The integrated nozzle is now employed. This extinguishes any burning fuel trapped on the deck along with the trays simulating burning debris. (This test used water without AFFF)






The fire is extinguished and the fuel has been collected in to an explosion-proof tank attached to the helideck.


The helideck is unmarked and ready for re-deployment.