Aluminium Helidecks

We design, manufacture and install aluminium helidecks for the offshore industry. We can also supply rooftop aluminium helipads. We offer a modular design that complies with internationally recognised codes and standards. We recognise that each project is different and offer a range of systems to meet client requirements. Such systems include appropriate Landing Nets, Lighting and Rescue and Fire Fighting products. NCMP designed and installed both the first and largest aluminium helideck in the UK offshore sector. Since then, we have supplied in excess of 100 helidecks and related systems to the offshore sector.

Passive Firesafe Helidecks

Firesafe Helidecks

NCMP have developed and successfully tested (please refer to our video for details), a Fire Safe Aluminium Helideck system that is capable of removing significant quantities of unburned fuel from the surface of a helideck in the event of a fuel spill from a ruptured tank. This enables the immediate suppression of a fire by not only removing the fuel, but also cutting off the oxygen supply and providing a cooling mechanism.

Active Firesafe Helidecks

DIFFS Helidecks

In conjuction with the above passive system, NCMP has used and tested (see video for details) a Deck Integrated Fire Fighting System (DIFFS) to successfully comply with UK CAA CAP 437 (7th Edition) Helideck Rescue and Fire Fighting Facility requirements. This system provides an effective alternative to a Fixed Monitor System and where a DIFFS system is used in tandem with a passive fire fighting system demonstrated to be capable of removing significant quantities of unburned fuel from the surface of a helideck in the event of a fuel spill from a ruptured tank, it is permitted to select a SEAWATER ONLY DIFFS to deal with any residual fuel spill.

Rooftop Aluminium Heldicks

Rooftop Aluminium Helipads

NCMP can provide cutting edge fire safe helipads that not only comply with relevant codes and standards, but also meet the needs and expectations of customers. Fire safe helipads can be installed on unmanned platforms (as recommended by the UK Civil Aviation Authority), on various offshore vessels and structures, as well as hospitals and other rooftop buildings.

Aluminium Support Structures

Aluminium Supprt Structures

NCMP provides primary structures to support its off-shore and on-shore helidecks. At the design stage, NCMP will provide the optimum alloy specification, together with full truss layout and frame analysis to demonstrate how all dead and superimposed loads are supported. Full working drawings are then completed and fabrication using the latest construction technology is carried out in accordance with our fully accredited BS 9001:2008 Quality Assurance procedures.

Aluminium Access Facilities

Aluminium Access Facilities

The adjustability of alloy composition and the versatility of the fabrication process enables product design to meet the performance criteria for specific offshore facilities. The major benefits of the use of aluminium offshore, flow from the light weight of the material, its non-combustibility and the corrosion resistance of selected alloys. Aluminium cladding with integral insulation will enable stair towers to remain useable in major fire emergencies; safety is enhanced by the serrated, non-slip surface of flooring panels and stair treads and the fact that no sparks are caused at metal to aluminium abrasions.

Ship to Shore

Ship to Shore

Lighter ship to shore facilities allow greater manoeuvrability and a saving in hydraulics for telescopic and height variable mechanisms. NCMP have designed access facilities for most types of ship and range of tide in the world. Units can be fully automatic and incorporate fire monitoring, berthing control and stores crane.

Aluminium Construction Projects

Aluminium Construction Projects

With the ability to meet virtually any metalwork requirement, no matter how complex, we can combine steelwork, aluminium , glass and other specialist materials to provide outstanding designs and finishes. Using the latest design software, concepts are developed to allow innovative and aesthetically pleasing cost effective solutions. Products include Aluminium Stairs, Walkways, Flooring, Cat Ladders, Roof Louvres, Frames, Information Panels and Street Furniture.

Street Furniture

Street Furniture

NCMP and CMF have helped to develop quality infrastructure and street furniture solutions, and have been responsible for providing bus shelters across the UK for nearly 15 years. The use of strong, non-corrosive, bespoke powder-coated aluminium extrusions ensures our products are not only functional but aesthetically pleasing and appropriate to their architectural environment