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Operating in a world-wide market, NCMP has a wealth of international experience with completed projects in all major territories, ranging from simple pre-fabrication and delivery contracts to long-term national schemes involving on-site design development..


To realise the full potential of aluminium it is essential that the project team involve NCMP at the very earliest opportunity; light alloy structures cannot simply be treated as steel substitutes, but require a different concept and design approach. At the design stage NCMP provide the optimum alloy specification, together with full design layout and frame analysis to demonstrate how all dead and superimposed loads are supported. Full working drawings are then completed and fabrication using the latest construction technology is carried out in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001:2008.


Why Aluminium?
The unique physical and mechanical properties of aluminium alloys continue to offer a vast area of opportunity for innovative and cost-effective solutions to offshore structural requirements.

The exceptional strength-to-weight ratio of aluminium alloys combined with the versatility of the extrusion process allows economic use of material, placing the strength exactly where required with minimum additional topside weight. Weight savings of 40-70% over the equivalent steel structures may thus be achieved.

The inherent corrosion resistance of selected alloys means that no added surface protection against the marine atmosphere is required and a consequent saving in long-term maintenance is achieved.







Furthermore, the non-combustible quality of aluminium alloys in any solid form (e.g. plate, sheet, extrusions, castings etc.) allows light-weight aluminium structures to be used for escape routes..



Complex, interlocking sections with weld preparation designed into extrusions or slots incorporated for “bolt-on” assembly achieve simple and fast installation on site. Isolating transition plates allow simple connection to steel, where required.


Site Installation
Whatever the project, we always provide an installation service, which satisfies the architectural intent within the full requirements of relevant building standards.

Our specialist site teams will liaise with site managers and other parties to ensure that all work is planned and is coordinated with other trades and contractors.

Our professional approach to site supervision and forward planning is particularly important when large structures are involved to ensure efficient safe hoisting and convenient temporary road closures if necessary.


Project Management
We provide an efficient project management service with the capability of running limitless associated trades, which is the key to our flexibility. Our aim is to minimise delays by efficient planning and good communications with all parties involved.

Our Master Plan includes all the activities, resources and costs associated with the project. The status of each stage is recorded together with any changes so that all tasks are efficiently scheduled and executed.